We love projects

Project and real estate development with long-term added value

With over 30 years in property development and construction management and with more than 225 people working in different projects, Ebab is one of the leading consulting companies in this field, in Sweden. The accumulated skills and experiences within the Ebab Business Group, allow us to offer our clients a unique expertise in project- and real estate development, throught all phases of the building process.

The Ebab Group operates primarily in and around Stockholm. Our clients are property owners in both the private and the public sector. Their reason for signing Ebab to their projects varies, some need help with ideas to remodelling older buildings or unused properties. Others need our knowledge in managing the construction of new office buildings, multi-family homes of industrial facilitites for production.

How we work

Ebab offers expertise in project and real estate development. To secure the projects we develop and maintain responsibility through the production process. Our clients retain influence and control of their projects, and we make it all happen with our process that combines the expertise of the consultant with the production know-how of the contractor.

Our  Vision

We would like to be an obvious partners with dedicated employees in project and real estate development. A partner which runs projects from idea to reality, which contributies to increased property value, higher customer satisfaction and a sustainable society.

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